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Our 4 Stage Process

1) Achieving Perfect Fit
Our aim is to help you to find the bra that is just right for you. Achieving Perfect Fit highlights the important points that make a bra feel just right. Most of us have worn a bra that doesn't give us enough support, either digs in or rides up, or just doesn't fit the shape of our bust. At Bra Sense, we aim to find the bra that is just right for you, giving you the right support, shape and comfort. For help at any stage in the process, please contact our Bra Advisor Service; they're just a phone call away. Please call us on 01530 274840. Calls will be charged to you at your normal rates by your telephone service provider. Please note that Bra Sense makes no additional charges for this service and that your personal information will be held by us in accordance with our privacy policy. Please view our privacy policy for further details.


2) Fit Finder
We ask you to measure yourself carefully, wearing the best fitting bra you currently have. Don't worry if it is not completely comfortable; our measuring and fit guide will help you overcome that. First, measure your underbust and enter the size, in inches, to the nearest half inch e.g. 36 or 36.5. Then measure your aroundbust and enter that size, in inches to the nearest half inch e.g. 36 or 36.5. Finally select your Fit shape. The Fit shape helps us to match your bust shape with appropriate strap and cup features, to ensure the best support, shape and comfort. Then click calculate my Bra Sense size, which will take account of the measurements and fit shape you have entered. Please note that your personal measurements are only used to calculate your Bra Sense size and are not retained by us.

3) Bra Finder
After calculating your Bra Sense size we search our range for models which match your details. All models are initially shown in white with the other colours available indicated. Clicking on the models shown on the right hand side presents them in the larger centre panel. When your chosen model is in the centre panel, click to see the other colours available. When you see the bra model that you want in the colour you most prefer, click 'order' to proceed to select the quantity of each colour option you would like to order. Only one model can be selected per order, to ensure speed and quality of delivery service. To order another model, complete your current order and payment stage and re-enter the site, repeating the 4 Stage Process


4) Orders and payment
You will now be presented with your chosen model, size and the colours available. Enter the quantity of each colour you require. We will then present you with an orders summary. Once you have confirmed or changed this, we proceed to the payment stage, where we ask for your card payment details and contact details( so that we can contact you by e-mail, phone, or post). We then take your delivery address, if different from your cardholder address. Please view our Privacy Policy to see how we deal with your information. Orders can only be taken from shoppers resident in the UK and payment is always in pounds sterling (GBP).


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